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JB HIRED is the premier executive search partner for enterprise digital talent.

Our tech talent equips your company with everything you need to compete, protect your business, triumph in the marketplace, and maximize profitability. 

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Case Studies

"I was introduced to JB HIRED to assist us with strategic digital hires from Silicon Valley or Seattle to Indonesia. JB found us our CTO from US West Coast within 1 week. This ability to source world-class talent that wants to be part of the booming SEA ecosystem is a tremendous asset to us. JB allows Indonesian companies to hire game-changing C-Level executives from Silicon Valley and Seattle. I’d recommend speaking to Bill and his team if you want the same."

Company, CEO

"We decided to look outside of Asia for our top tech leadership. We used JB Hired’s extensive network to secure multiple candidates from top international companies within weeks, which was huge because scaling quickly is key for us."

Company, CEO

"JB HIRED reached out to me with an opportunity in SE Asia to be the CTO for a digital and media platform. I was interested with the scope of the project and potential runway to build for a massive content consumption audience of over 500 million people, all mobile first. My family is always looking for an adventure and we were on board a plane within a month from California."


"I was contacted by JB HIRED for a CTO role with an Artificial Intelligence company based in Jakarta Indonesia. The vision was compelling, the leadership was strong, and the technical fit was very well aligned. Many things are happening in the SE Asian tech ecosystem that go largely unnoticed in the West, and it is unbelievably exciting to be a part of."


"I reached out to JB HIRED because my wife received a job in Asia. I have a specific expertise as a Chief Revenue Officer for eCommerce, where the site would need to have a minimum of 11 million monthly active users for my value to be viable. JB HIRED's team was able to get me in front of a site with 15 million users within 2 weeks, and I was hired on the spot. Glad I reached out to Bill and his team."

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