Benefits of Using a Headhunter in Thailand

September 6, 2023

In today’s competitive and dynamic business environment, finding and hiring the right talent can be a challenging and time-consuming task for many companies and employers. However, there is a solution that can help them overcome this challenge and gain an edge over their competitors: headhunting.

What is a Headhunter?

A recruitment specialist, known as a headhunter, focuses on identifying and engaging skilled individuals for particular roles, particularly those at the senior or executive level. Acting as an intermediary between the client organization and prospective candidates, the headhunter's primary objective is to pair top-notch talent with the most suitable opportunities, facilitating a seamless and effective hiring experience.

How Does it Differ From a Recruitment Agency?

There are several key distinctions between a headhunter and a recruitment agency. Firstly, headhunters concentrate on a specific market or sector, possessing in-depth knowledge and expertise in that area. They also maintain a network of connections and resources that enable them to identify and approach passive candidates who may not be actively job hunting but could be receptive to new prospects.

Secondly, they specialize in locating and securing candidates for high-profile, executive roles within organizations. These positions typically encompass senior management, C-suite, and leadership roles that demand exceptional skill sets, experience, and proficiency. Conversely, recruitment agencies possess a wider purview and are tasked with filling various positions across multiple levels and departments within a company. These roles can range from entry-level to mid-level management and even specialized technical positions. While headhunters primarily concentrate on strategic executive placements, recruitment agencies address the diverse staffing requirements of businesses across numerous job classifications.

Lastly, headhunters offer more tailored and bespoke services to both the client organization and potential candidates. They consider the unique needs and preferences of both parties, acting as a consultant and advisor throughout the hiring process. In contrast, recruitment agencies generally adopt a more standardized and generic approach to finding and screening candidates.

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Hiring talent in Thailand can be a challenging and risky task for many companies and employers, due to various factors that affect the labor market and the hiring process. Some of these factors are:

Cultural and language barriers: Thailand has a rich and diverse culture, which can be both an attraction and a challenge for foreign companies and employers who want to hire or work in Thailand. For example, Thailand has a hierarchical and collectivistic culture, where respect for elders, superiors, and authority is valued. Thailand also has a unique and complex language, which can be difficult to learn and communicate with foreigners. Approximately only 27% of the population speaks English in Thailand with just a basic proficiency level1. These cultural and language barriers can cause misunderstandings, conflicts, or difficulties in the hiring process.

Skill gaps and mismatches: Thailand has a growing and changing economy, which creates new demands and opportunities for various sectors and industries. However, there may be skill gaps and mismatches between the supply and demand of talent in Thailand, especially in emerging and niche sectors such as technology, innovation, or sustainability. This means that companies and employers may have trouble finding talent with the right skills, qualifications, or experience for their positions.

High turnover rate and low retention rate: Thailand has a competitive and dynamic labor market, where employees have many options and opportunities to switch jobs or careers. According to the Bangkok Post2, Thailand’s attrition rate has increased from 9.1% (2021) to 11.4% in 2022. This means that companies and employers have to constantly find and replace talent, which can be costly and time-consuming. Moreover, retaining talent can also be difficult, as employees may seek better compensation, benefits, or career development elsewhere.

Legal and regulatory issues: Thailand has a complex and strict legal and regulatory system, especially for foreign companies and expatriates who want to hire or work in Thailand. For example, foreign companies need to obtain a Foreign Business License or a Board of Investment (BOI) Certificate] to operate in Thailand. Foreign workers need to obtain a work permit and a visa to work in Thailand. Both employers and employees need to comply with the taxes and labor laws of Thailand. These legal and regulatory issues can pose challenges and risks for hiring talent in Thailand, as they may involve lengthy and complicated procedures, fees, or penalties.

How Using a Headhunter Can Help Overcome These Challenges and Risks

Using a headhunter can be an effective solution for companies and employers who want to overcome the challenges and risks of hiring talent in Thailand. They can provide various benefits and advantages for the hiring process, such as:

Providing guidance and advice on the best hiring practices and strategies for the Thai market: Headhunters can help companies and employers understand the Thai labor market, the legal and regulatory system, the culture and language, and the skill gaps and mismatches. They can also help them design and implement the best hiring practices and strategies for their positions, such as defining the job requirements, creating the job description, setting the salary range, choosing the recruitment channels, conducting the interviews, etc.

Negotiating and facilitating the offer and contract process with the candidates and employers: A headhunter helps companies and employers negotiate and facilitate the offer and contract process with the candidates, such as discussing the compensation, benefits, relocation, visa, work permit, taxes, etc. They can also help them handle any issues or problems that may arise during this process, such as counteroffers, rejections, delays, or disputes.

Headhunters can provide ongoing support and feedback to both parties throughout the hiring process and beyond. For example, they can prepare the candidates for the interviews, provide feedback on their performance, follow up on their status, answer their questions, etc. They can also provide aftercare services, such as helping the candidates with their relocation, onboarding, integration, etc., and helping the employers with their retention, evaluation, development, etc.

Ensuring a smooth and positive candidate experience and employer branding: A headhunter can ensure a smooth and positive candidate experience and employer branding, by providing professional, courteous, and timely communication and service to both parties. They also help promote the employer’s brand, vision, mission, values, culture, etc., to attract and retain the best talent for their positions.

Why Choose JB Hired

At JB Hired, we pride ourselves on being a leading technology headhunting and recruitment agency, specializing in sourcing top digital and technology talents for high-growth organizations, consulting firms, multinational companies, and blockchain businesses across the APAC and MENA regions. Partner with us to elevate your hiring process through our expertise and extensive network.

  • Proactive Candidate Search: We go beyond traditional job boards to actively find the best candidates for your positions. Our access to a vast pool of candidates, both passive and active, enables us to connect with them using personalized, tailored messages, introducing you to exclusive talents who may not be actively job hunting but are interested in your opportunity.
  • Local Market Expertise: Our headhunters possess in-depth knowledge of the local market, industries, culture, and regulations. We understand your needs and expectations, matching them with candidates' skills and qualifications. We also advise on best hiring practices and strategies for the Thai market, including salary benchmarking, market trends, employer branding, diversity and inclusion, and legal and regulatory compliance.
  • Quality and Reliability: We ensure the quality and reliability of our recommended candidates by conducting thorough screening, interviews, and background checks. We assess candidates' compatibility with your culture and values, as well as their motivation and interest in the role. Our headhunters provide support and feedback throughout the hiring process, fostering a smooth and positive experience for both parties.
  • Time and Cost Savings: By outsourcing the screening, interviewing, and background-checking processes to us, your company saves valuable time and resources. We handle these tasks, allowing you to focus on your core business activities and objectives. Additionally, we minimize the risk of hiring mistakes or losing candidates to competitors, protecting your company's performance and reputation.

Our Approach to Finding the Best Candidates in Thailand

Our experienced consultants leverage their deep knowledge and connections within the technology industry to offer a range of services:

  • Executive Search: We identify and hire top-level executives, such as CTOs, CIOs, CDOs, CEOs, and other senior leaders, who can propel your business forward and make a positive impact on your organization.
  • Digital Transformation: We support your business transformation by connecting you with exceptional digital and technology talents capable of implementing innovative solutions, including cloud computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain, data analytics, and cybersecurity.
  • Talent Acquisition: We help you attract and retain the best talents in the market, drawing from our extensive database of local and global candidates, including those from tech hubs like Silicon Valley, and our network of professionals seeking opportunities in Thailand and beyond.

Learn more about our processes and book a free consultation here.


Hiring talent in Thailand can be a challenging and rewarding task for companies, as they need to navigate the competitive and dynamic labor market, the legal and regulatory issues, the cultural and language barriers, and the skill gaps and mismatches. Using a headhunter in Thailand can help overcome these challenges and risks, as well as provide many advantages, such as pro-active search, access to a large pool of exclusive candidates, expertise and knowledge of the local market, specific industry or function, culture, and regulations, quality, and reliability of the candidates, time and cost savings, personalized approach, and positive company image.

If you're in need of headhunters in Thailand, don't hesitate to reach out to our in-house expert using the contact form below. Not only can they support your headhunting needs, but you can also book a free consultation directly through the form to discuss your requirements and explore the best strategies for your talent acquisition goals. Take advantage of this opportunity to work with a knowledgeable partner in your quest for top talent in Thailand and ensure your organization's success.