How to Hire Quickly

September 28, 2023

In today's fast-paced and dynamic job market, the ability to hire quickly is a vital skill for any business aiming to maintain a competitive edge. Top-tier candidates have numerous options, making timely communication crucial. Failure to do so might result in losing out on the talent necessary to drive your business forward and achieve its objectives.

However, the advantages of swift hiring are manifold. It not only saves time and resources otherwise spent on protracted and costly recruitment processes but also bolsters productivity and quality by filling workforce gaps promptly. Additionally, it enhances your employer brand, demonstrating your respect for candidates' time and your commitment to their value. Therefore, rapid hiring is not merely a necessity but an opportunity to secure a competitive advantage in the job market.

Challenges to Hiring Quickly

Hiring quickly is not an easy task, as it involves many challenges and trade-offs. Some of the common challenges are:

1. Finding the Right Candidates: The task of identifying the best candidates from a deluge of resumes can be daunting. Moreover, exceptional candidates may not actively seek employment or may hold multiple offers from other employers.

2. Balancing Speed and Quality: Employers must evaluate candidates for skills, cultural fit, and potential while avoiding hasty decisions based on incomplete or inaccurate information. Striking the right balance is essential to prevent process delays and candidate frustration.

3. Providing a Positive Candidate Experience: Candidates want to know more about the company, the role, and the team, and they want to receive timely and honest feedback. They also want to feel valued and appreciated, and not just another number in the hiring pipeline. To learn more, check out our guide on how to improve the candidate experience.

Almost 70% of workers want a career change. They'd take better work-life balance over higher pay according to Business Insider1. Therefore, employers need to communicate effectively with the candidates, keep them engaged and informed throughout the process, and show them that they care about their career goals and aspirations.

Main Steps or strategies to Hire Quickly

1. Define Clear Job Requirements: The initial step in expeditious hiring involves having a precise understanding of the desired candidate's attributes. Craft a concise and compelling job description highlighting key skills, responsibilities, and company benefits. Ensure specificity, relevance, and realism while incorporating keywords matching the required qualifications.

2. Utilize Multiple Sourcing Channels: Casting a wide net is essential. Leverage various channels, including referrals, social media, job boards, and talent pools. Referrals tap into individuals familiar with your company culture, while social media provides access to diverse candidate pools. For example, 75% of job changers use LinkedIn to inform their career decision according to Zippia2. Job boards facilitate posting openings across platforms, reaching active job seekers. Talent pools can help you build relationships with candidates who have expressed interest in working for your company, or who have applied for previous roles.

3. Streamline Screening: Efficient and effective screening involves resume reviews, phone interviews, online assessments, and video interviews. Each method serves a distinct purpose, from confirming qualifications to assessing communication skills and personality. Leverage data and technology to automate screening processes and provide candidate feedback.

For interviewers looking to enhance their interviewing skills, check out our article "Best Interview Questions”.

4. Data-Informed Decision Making: Expedite hiring decisions by utilizing data and evidence collected during screening. Employ clear scoring systems or rubrics to evaluate candidates and involve relevant stakeholders in the decision-making process. Mitigate biases by focusing on facts and data.

5. Maintain Effective Communication: Sustain candidate engagement by providing timely updates, answering queries, and delivering a positive experience. Timely, personalized messages and reminders, along with clear communication at each stage, are essential. Demonstrate appreciation for candidates' time and effort.


Hiring rapidly is an indispensable skill for thriving in a competitive job market characterized by swift transitions. This article has elucidated essential steps and strategies to streamline your recruitment process efficiently and effectively. It is crucial to prioritize quality over quantity, align with your organization's criteria and culture, and establish realistic, well-defined deadlines for each phase of recruitment. Hiring quickly is an opportunity to gain a competitive edge, provided standards and quality are upheld.

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