IT talent Trends & Challenges Slowly Changing Recruitment

March 22, 2023

It’s become clear over the years that regardless of the major challenges we face on a global scale - pandemics and turbulent economies included - that the need for IT and Tech talent in our fast-paced digitally-inclined world will be high for the foreseeable future.

But for this particular type of professional talent, the challenges, trends, and industry changes regarding their roles always bring about change for the recruitment industry.

1- Re-acquiring previous employees & Internal recruitment

Though this isn’t a trend or new practice per se, it has been becoming increasingly popular for companies to recruit previous or existing employees for new positions that open up. Internal recruitment is actually one of those methods that employers utilize to incentivize IT talent to remain onboard and to retain their interest in the organization rather than competitors.

It’s a positive practice for both parties, as companies continue to retain the IT talent they have, and the employees themselves can experience professional growth within the scope of their role and perhaps beyond.

2- High demand for IT Talent

This is a concern that has made IT talent extremely valuable, and its acquisition a very competitive endeavor. The fact that there are more projects to develop than there are IT professionals to develop them is a troubling notion.

This doesn’t only pertain to the creation and development of Tech and digital solutions. With the growth that organizations seem to gain within short spans of time, companies adopting such tools almost always end up requiring a different perspective.

The input and contribution of talent that knows IT and digital technologies on a deeper level than simple use becomes a necessity at a certain point.

3- Hiring beyond the technical

Every employer knows that a qualified candidate does not make a good hire. There are various elements that go into hiring the right person for the job. Sure, the technical aspect of qualifications, experience, skill, and the like is very important to the very nature of the role. However, candidates need to fit into the organization, not just the role.

An increasing number of companies now assess their candidates on a personal level, diving into their online presence or including personality tests in the interviewing process. The goal is to determine whether the candidate fits into the company culture, whether they’re a team player or a good communicator. Soft skills are now more important in the eyes of the recruiter than they used to be, especially for IT roles, as these professionals are set to work within teams. As such, compatibility and good communication are vital.

4- Valuable IT skills are still tricky to recruit

As we mentioned earlier, there’s more demand for IT talent than there is supply. However, this is only true when considering the regional or local talent market. The truth of the matter is that the global talent market could hold the solution for employers looking to acquire and retain IT professionals.

Outsourcing recruitment to a headhunting agency with global reach can eradicate the difficulty of acquiring IT and Tech talent. In fact, JB Hired is one of those agencies with a vertical focus on those specific roles. With access to a global network of professionals and an untapped talent pool, locating and sourcing talent for the digital technology industry is a matter of time and expertise.

Let’s not forget that talent sourced from certain regions in the world can catalyze opportunities for quick and affordable talent that can drive positive change with an international perspective.

In case you’re looking for qualified talent to help you on this aspect, get in touch with JB Hired and source the talent your digital transformation needs!