Middle Management & Digital Transformation: The role, the input, the initiative

March 22, 2023

In order to fully understand middle management’s role in digital transformation, it’s important to understand where they stand in terms of the company hierarchy. Granted, it’s a more or less obvious matter but middle management’s presence between the ground level of operations and senior C-level executives makes them an indispensable link to a digital transformation’s success.

1. Bridging the gap between Senior Management & employees

A company looking to digitally transform operations must always have a plan of action. This strategy is loosely defined by senior management in the form of initiative, large scale milestones, funding, need for talent, and so on.

For example, the head of sales takes the initiative to redesign the sales funnel to fit user preference and behavior. In this scenario, managers within that department must incorporate that change for themselves and their team. Their unique position gives them perspective regarding how to effectively make that transition and allows them to see what’s working and what’s not.

If the head of the tech department were to introduce software development concepts in order to improve the product or service, it falls to the managers to ensure that the team is well-informed and well-directed to make it happen. Moreover, it becomes their responsibility that the development is normalized for employees and clients/users.

Simply put, mid-level managers are key for the successful implementation of the senior leadership’s vision and deploying new digital capabilities on a company-wide scale.

2. The Manager’s Role

Though their role is vital to bridging the gap between senior management and the rest of the team, mid-level managers need to contribute to the company’s digital transformation in more ways than simply relaying information and instructions. Their unique perspective allows them to initiate and implement digital change in other ways.

For example, managers are able to capture, analyze, and use data for internal (team) and external (customer) analytics. Digital transformation is a gateway for the company, its products or services, to become more responsive to the customer’s needs. It also allows them to see the proper value of client feedback, and more flexible facing market shifts.

Managers are also capable of analyzing their team’s performance and pinpointing which aspects of their operations are in more of a dire need for digital change.

3. The right talent for mid-level management

If we take a closer look at the ramifications of digital transformation, we can see that companies need to adapt by assimilating digital change into their culture, redesigning their workflows to allow for flexibility, and orient their operations in a thriving digital direction. A large portion of this transition requires informed decision making that takes the changing market into account.

And this begs the question; Are your managers the right talent for digital transformation?

Key team members in the right position can drive company productivity, raise morale and motivation, and represent a solid pillar of the company’s identity/culture. This is especially true for middle management roles.

But having effective managers for digital transformation requires a certain affinity and talent for it that goes beyond the scope of their work, their experience, or qualifications. Individuals with advanced digital knowhow can be much more insightful, effective, and contribute to the company’s growth at an accelerated pace.

Having worked on the digital transformation for various companies across 60 countries, our team at JB Hired has become a lot more proficient at locating that rare blend of digital talent and managerial skill. These individuals are the cornerstone for all digital efforts the company can launch or implement.

We always recommend our clients to make sure that their core management team is well-equipped to brave digital change through skill, initiative, and the ability to adapt.

In case you’re looking for qualified talent to help you on this aspect, get in touch with JB Hired and source the talent your digital transformation needs!