Talent Acquisition in a Covid-19 World

March 22, 2023

The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in job loss and corporate financial disaster over the past few months. Many employees around the world have been laid off and more than a few companies have shut their doors, possibly for good.

But truthfully, these consequences were more the result of global panic at shifting economies rather than the disease itself. Either way, more and more professionals join the job-seeking queue, and companies that are still operating, are already scouting for promising talent.

Available Talent

Whether you’re an HR professional or a recruitment agency, the waves of unfortunate recent graduates, active job seekers, or professionals who have been recently laid off, present a very unique opportunity. This is a new batch of potential candidates with a myriad of skills, capabilities, and experience that would otherwise be very valuable if not for the global pandemic. These individuals might not realize that despite all that’s happening, companies are still hiring.

The coronavirus outbreak did disturb many industries and cause unemployment to rise. But many companies are still operating, and as we all know, some promising talent can only be found under similar circumstances.

This is the time to monitor the social spaces for that special talent you’ve always wanted on your team. Recruitment agencies have a habit of finding candidates for specific jobs as they appear. With a flood of new candidates possessing different skill sets, it would be remiss to not take advantage.

Our experts at JB Hired recommend utilizing social networking sites (Github, Facebook, Linkedin…) to widen the scope of your search. Being inquisitive and igniting a conversation could be the differentiating catalyst to quick and valuable employment. Job portals are also a smart move, though they may be unreliable and bring a lot of unqualified candidates.

Talent Acquisition

Though companies do have an opportunity to take advantage of currently available talent, there’s still more to recruiting the ideal candidate than simply listing a position on a job portal. As we pointed out above, job seekers aren’t very confident that companies are still actively hiring throughout this outbreak. Therefore, in order to get an advantage over the competition and reach highly qualified candidates before it’s too late, it’s imperative that your process is more proactive than simply listing vacancies.

Social media and networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Github and even forums like Quora and Reddit, are all spaces that you should pay close attention to. More often than one thinks, special talent would partake in conversations regarding their industry or line of work on these platforms. LinkedIn provides a more professional and direct approach for HR professionals to quickly locate and contact potential candidates.

On the other hand, this might just be the time to leverage recruitment agencies who have the capacity and time to scout the web in search of your missing link. In fact, you might just find that these agencies are already prepared for the current state of the world, with fitting candidates at the ready.

Recruitment Agencies: The remote medium

Some recruitment agencies see the coronavirus outbreak as a damper on business. Some find that their specific focus on one sector or another is more booming than ever before. It’s imperative that companies cultivate relationships with these agencies and remain in contact with their representatives for swift placement.

Recruitment agencies at times adopt a vertical approach. For example, at JB Hired we focus solely on the digital and technology roles that companies find hard to recruit for. Over the years we’ve become so accustomed to these spaces that spotting rare and promising talent has become an inherent daily routine.

The Vertical Focus

This type of approach guarantees that your recruitment agency knows your sphere well enough to recruit for it, and recruit well. It’s the type of expertise that comes from years of experience. Not only that, but the industry’s practices also became tools in our day-to-day operations, and helped us refine our process to include tech and AI software implementations. This allows us to provide only the best candidates for any given role.

In case you’re looking for qualified talent to help you on this aspect, get in touch with JB Hired and source the talent your digital transformation needs!