4 Tips for Recruiting High-Caliber Talent

March 22, 2023

Over the years, we’ve seen demand for highly qualified talent take a sharp increase, one that continues on an upwards trajectory as time passes. This demand isn’t only focused on large corporations and massive brands, as SMEs and companies large and small are all putting more of an emphasis on hiring the “right” talent rather than training junior candidates as they go.

In today’s numerous growing markets, the demand for talent in the accounting, sales, management, and finance industries is witnessing a dramatic increase. Demand for tech and IT roles has especially been on record highs for the past few years, and sourcing the right talent for the right position has more or less become a competitive advantage within each industry.

In order to touch on what employers can do to source and retain high-caliber talent, we’ve put together a few helpful tips.

1- Focus on your brand

A strong employer brand puts the company at the height of the candidate’s priority list whenever they decide to actively pursue a new position. It’s one of the most important deciding factors standing between your company and an outstanding application, even more so than an enticing salary package.

This is why a short experience with a big brand is always the preference for talent that’s actively attempting to build a valuable career. For example, working with a big brand can serve as a gateway for a particular high-value job. In fact, it serves to strengthen the candidate’s profile later on when considering opportunities. It can be the difference between talent that applies, and talent that is found and sourced.

When targeting exceptionally valuable talent, it’s important to present your company brand in the best way possible, displaying the experience’s value long before it even begins.

2- Consider delegating recruitment

Sometimes, a third party’s insights into your recruitment can go a long way in spotting where optimization should be focused in the long run. Delegating recruitment to an agency with better reach and more experience is yet another way to locate the professionals your company sorely needs. Outsourcing and delegating recruitment to another entity can eliminate the intricacies and complications of sourcing hard-to-find talent.

Moreover, recruitment agencies with an active hand in the talent market are better informed, better equipped, and more familiar with these candidates and what they genuinely go for. It’s a simple matter of spotting the demographic’s preferences for each role and setting, which later on makes negotiations and candidate sourcing much easier.

As a prime example, at JB Hired, we take care of recruitment on behalf of our client companies. With our knowledge of the Tech & IT industries as well as constantly updated networks, not only do our clients end up recruiting top talent, but our practices lead them down the path of building a powerful employer brand. This is the basic foundation for the acquisition and retention of talent for years to come, giving companies a better position in the hiring sphere.

3- Company website & image

Good content such as imagery, videos, and written text on your own website can also help display development and growth opportunities within the company. Try to visualize the pace, vision, and ambition of the organization and its current employees.

Companies should realize that the corporate tone of many websites is often presented in a jarring manner that does not appeal to talent. There’s an element of humanity, of emotion, based on the experiences of the current staff that needs to be displayed, instead of just informative content.

4- Examine your company’s specific needs

Hiring for a position without a clearly defined purpose leads to the wrong talent being hired. Analyzing your company for its most urgent needs and most promising growth opportunities helps define the profile of the required candidate.

For example, many companies overlook the need for digital transformation and its potential. Being aware of this, however, enables the recruiter to target qualified individuals with an affinity for digital development who would most definitely provide insightful input on what can be done to achieve it.

When a company is aware of the focus area, its recruitment strategy can be improved by implementing extremely specific requirements, leading to clear visibility of talent value within the pre-selected candidate pool throughout the year.

Locating and retaining the right talent requires consistent effort in a variety of company aspects. Though the matter is often considered a ‘one-time affair’, it’s more of an ongoing set of processes that continuously uphold your image, company culture, and brand value.

In case you’re looking for qualified talent to help you on this aspect, get in touch with JB Hired and source the talent your digital transformation needs!