List of Top Recruitment Agencies in Thailand

August 7, 2023

Are you searching for the finest talent to fuel your business in Thailand? Are you keen on streamlining your hiring process to save time and money? Are you aiming for successful, enduring hires? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then collaborating with a recruitment agency in Thailand could be the perfect solution for you. But how do you go about finding the ideal recruitment agency tailored to your industry and objectives?

Navigating the diverse industries and talent pool in Thailand or Bangkok more specifically can pose a challenge. To make your task easier, we've conducted thorough research and handpicked five outstanding recruitment agencies that we believe are best suited for various sectors in Thailand.

Our curated list spans a wide array of industries, including oil and gas, healthcare, agriculture, technology, engineering, and general staffing for diverse sectors. These agencies have established their expertise and success within these realms, equipped to tackle the intricacies of Thailand's job market. They offer a range of recruitment solutions such as executive search, contract staffing, and permanent placements, catering precisely to the unique needs of each sector.

In this article, we'll spotlight the strengths of these premier recruitment agencies, shedding light on their areas of specialization, past successful placements, and distinctive offerings. These agencies grasp the precise hiring requisites of companies, encompassing desired skills, experience, and qualifications.

The talent landscape in Thailand is vibrant, and with the right recruitment ally by your side, the opportunities are boundless. Allow us to introduce you to the key players in Thailand's recruitment arena, guiding you toward the perfect partner for your growth and triumph.

1. Tech & Digital Excellence: JB Hired

When it comes to technology and digital-related roles, look no further than JB Hired, Thailand's premier recruitment agency. Our expertise lies in sourcing exceptional candidates both locally and from international markets, including renowned tech hubs like Silicon Valley, for Thailand's burgeoning tech ecosystem.

We boast a proven track record of securing top-tier talent, including C-Level executives, for a spectrum of industries such as banking, telecommunications, fast-paced startups, and technology giants.

Our success stories encompass critical positions like C-level executives for large digital projects, and the assembly of high-performing teams spanning from marketing, software and app development, AI and data science, and many more functions.

A few of the roles/areas we have recently successfully supported our clients with:

  • Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
  • Chief Product Officer (CPO)
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • Managing Director
  • VP of Engineering
  • Head of Data Science
  • Front/Backend Developers
  • Head of Marketing

Schedule a free consultation for your company now to find out how JB Hired can support your growth journey.

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2. Oil & Gas Excellence #1: JST-GROUP

If you are looking for a recruitment agency that specializes in the oil & gas industry, you might want to consider JST-GROUP. Over the years, JST-GROUP has built extensive experience and knowledge in these sectors and can help you find the best candidates for various roles. They have a comprehensive knowledge of the job market and a strong network within the industry, enabling them to identify and attract highly qualified professionals. Moreover, the company offers a range of services, such as contract staffing or permanent placement.

JST-GROUP is a reliable choice for recruitment services in Thailand. with a strong track record of success and have helped many companies find the right talent to meet their needs. They also provide feedback and guidance throughout the process, ensuring a smooth and positive experience for both the employer and the candidate. If you are seeking recruitment services in the oil and gas sector, contact JST-Group today and let them help you find your perfect match.

3. Oil & Gas Excellence #2: Brunel

Another distinguished recruitment agency when it comes to the oil and gas sector in Thailand is Brunel. With a rich history and a stellar reputation, Brunel has emerged as a trusted collaborator for clients seeking top-tier talent and innovative solutions within the oil and gas industry.

Brunel's expertise is founded on years of experience and a profound comprehension of the distinct challenges encountered in the oil and gas sector. Their dedicated team of consultants is adept at identifying and delivering the most qualified professionals for a wide array of projects, including engineering, drilling, production, and management.

Don't overlook the opportunity to partner with Brunel, a recognized authority in oil and gas recruitment. Their wealth of experience, global reach, and unwavering commitment make them an invaluable ally for your success.

4. Agile Staffing: Day Work

If you are looking for a staffing agency, you might want to check out Day Work. They offer comprehensive services across multiple industries, such as food and beverages, hospitality, retail, and more. They are a reputable agency that offers transparent and competitive rates and fees for their services.

They have various recruitment packages from wages to salary to choose from, ensuring that businesses of all sizes can find a solution that suits their budget and recruitment requirements.

In summary, Day Work is a trusted recruitment agency in Thailand offering efficient and effective recruitment solutions. Their expertise, competitive rates, and commitment to client success make them a top choice for businesses looking for the best talent in the market.

5. Healthcare Prowess: JobNurse

JobNurse specializes in recruiting nurses for hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare settings in Thailand. They also recruit for other healthcare functions, such as doctors, dentists, and pharmacists. JobNurse has a team of experienced recruiters who can understand the specific needs of each client and match them with the right candidates.

They also have a strong network of healthcare professionals in Thailand, which gives them access to a wide pool of talent. If you are seeking recruitment services in the healthcare sector in Thailand, JobNurse is a reliable choice that combines industry expertise with a commitment to finding the right talent for your organization.

6. Engineering King: Nes Fircroft

In Thailand, Nes Fircroft is a prominent engineering-focused recruitment agency. With a strong presence in the nation, they have solidified their position as a reliable partner for engineering professionals and companies in search of top talent across various engineering domains. Nes Fircroft's proficiency spans a diverse spectrum of engineering disciplines, encompassing civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and more. Their comprehensive services are tailored to connect highly skilled engineers with leading enterprises, thereby facilitating growth and success within Thailand's engineering industry.

7. Nurturing Agriculture: Peak Recruitment

For openings in the food and agriculture industry, you might want to check out Peak Recruitment. They are a leading recruitment agency that has proven expertise operating in both the Europe and Asia-Pacific regions.

Peak Recruitment covers several sectors within the food and agriculture industries, such as crop agribusiness, food and beverage, and animal agriculture. Due to their knowledge of the unique demands and requirements of these sectors, they can provide tailored recruitment solutions to meet them.

If you are seeking recruitment services in the food and agriculture sectors, Peak Recruitment is a great choice. They have the expertise and commitment to finding the best candidates for your needs.


Recruitment agencies in Thailand are vital players in the job market, helping businesses find qualified candidates and job seekers find their dream opportunities. The secret to agencies’ success is building long-term partnerships with both employers and job seekers. They understand the aspirations of each candidate and the specific requirements of businesses, ensuring a smooth and efficient recruitment process. Their services benefit both businesses, which can save time and resources, and job seekers, who can discover rewarding career opportunities that align with their goals.

If you are looking for digital or tech-related talents for your company, don’t wait and schedule a consultation with a JB Hired consultant through the form below to learn how we can help support your company’s growth through recruitment.