What Makes a Good Recruitment Agency?

March 22, 2023

Though successful placement is the ultimate judge, a lot goes into making a recruitment agency a good one. Understanding what those factors are can help companies make an informed outsourcing decision, and help agencies optimize their process.

Efficiency & Goals: (High caliber candidates)

When I say goals, I’m referring to whether the recruitment agency is trying to fill a vacancy simply for the sake of filling it or provide qualified candidates that would be a perfect match. This is usually very easy to figure out early on. The questions that you’re asked about the company and the vacant position are a big “tell” in the early stages.

We’ve touched on what makes a recruitment agency more efficient than an in-house recruiter in the past. The focus on finding the perfect candidate rather than simply filling a vacant position is what differentiates good recruitment agencies from those to avoid. This is especially true for companies in the tech and digital industries, as agencies can be better equipped, better informed, and better connected to the talent you need.

Industry Expertise: (Your industry & business needs)

Picture this: A recruitment agency with a team that knows your industry, its requirements, the various roles of a business like yours, and what qualifies as a good placement. Not only is it a matter of knowledge, but also that of practice, of refining the approach to sourcing valuable personnel that can solve your most prominent business problems.

As an example, let’s suppose a tech company is recruiting an Artificial intelligence expert who’s very proficient in Python programming and holds seniority in the field.

To achieve this, JB Hired leverages a vast network of global talent, its familiarity with the role and its expectations, its reach, and connections within the largest technology hubs to locate and initiate conversations with these talents. Everything beyond that is a matter of negotiation.

Approach & Process: (Quality over Quantity)

You won’t always be told what goes into finding candidates. A big part of the process remains obscured (internal practices and trade secrets) but most capable staffing agencies are pretty upfront about their process and how long it would take to reach each stage.

Let’s put it this way: A good recruitment agency is the one that sends you the least amount of candidate resumes. Receiving long lists of applicants every time shows that the agency knows very little about your industry or the role’s requirements. In my opinion, this sort of practice is similar to casting a net and wishing for the best. It’s not effective, it’s not a very well defined process, and this most likely means that you’re better off not hiring the agency.

“Quality over quantity” should be the rule for choosing the right recruitment firm. It would be a better outcome to receive a handful of highly qualified candidates who fit and go beyond the criteria of the position at hand, rather than a thousand whose capabilities barely fit the basics.

Agencies like JB Hired have changed the recruitment landscape with a vertical approach to the tech and digital world.  The market is becoming very competitive and distinct features like AI recommendations for recruitment and holistic data-driven/automated profiling are not something to overlook.

Help & Support:

Your recruitment partner needs to be just that; a partner that you can rely on for clear results defined milestones, and support when needed. You want your staffing agency to contribute to your recruitment with more than just resumes. It can be simple advice about a certain position’s requirements or bringing a critical skill/capability you’ve overlooked to your attention. It can be advice regarding specific candidates or the phrasing for a job you’re hiring for.

Efficiency and reputation alone aren’t enough to judge a staffing firm’s ability to meet your needs. A staffing agency’s attitude and approach to sourcing candidates determine the talent pool from which your future employees will be drawn.

It’s imperative that all of these factors are taken into consideration before outsourcing your recruitment.

Read more about JB Hired’s process and start hiring now! With 3 weeks to placement, and 1 week to first candidate batch delivery, finding those rare talents is only a matter of time.