Working Remotely: Tips to Stay Productive at Home

March 22, 2023

We would all wish for the circumstances to be different. But the effect of COVID-19 has already pushed companies around the world to work remotely. The model was becoming increasingly popular over the past few years and has now officially taken over. Though we don’t know how long this will last, or whether companies might choose to continue operating remotely, we do know that we have a few difficult months ahead of us. And what we can do, is prepare ourselves for all possible outcomes. Since we’ll be working from home for the foreseeable future, we might as well get comfortable.

Setting up the environment

Every single conversation I’ve had with freelancers in the past contained the usual lines of excitement at how comfortable it must be, how time management was a bit more personal for them and so on. However, the response was almost always about the necessity of a private work environment at home.

Granted, we don’t all have the space for a home office, but what we can do is ensure the space is free of distractions, outside influence/contact, and most importantly, that everything needed to get work done, is right in front of you.

Ever since we’ve adopted this remote model, our team at JB Hired has been making the most of conference calls. With the daily communication rate that our process demands, our individual home working spaces have become more like conference rooms. And this is why we recommend taking extra care when setting up your work environment, ensuring that your background is clear and professional. Remember that video calls are the COVID-19 equivalent of having clients over at the office.

Morning routine

This point is very personal. However, it stresses the importance of maintaining your usual routine (within reason) even if you’re taking three steps to your working space. We’re not saying to leave home, hop on a bus and commute back to your apartment as if it was a regular Monday. But things such as taking the first few hours of the morning to prepare yourself for the day. One tip to get yourself back in a more professional state of mind is to dress up for the office even if you’re sitting at your home desk.

Communication tools & habits

That social aspect is what keeps your employees going. It’s a very vital catalyst for motivation and the remote model puts that in jeopardy. Luckily, there is a wide range of channels through which your team can communicate. Video conferencing and messaging apps can bridge the gap and make employees feel less isolated, stressed and confined.

Think of the habits that your employees developed in the office, think of the little details, the communication and the rhythm that they became accustomed to. It’s encouraged that these tiny traditions and habits are incorporated into the remote work model.

Nothing motivates an employee more than the co-worker that they get along with best. Communication here not only helps them coordinate their activities but also keep each other on task.

Time Management

This is perhaps the most critical. It’s very natural to find working from home hard to get accustomed to. The atmosphere is different, our minds have already associated the office with work and that brings out the professional within. However, all of this can be conquered, so long as remote workers are mindful of how they manage their time.One key tip here is to assess and know your limit. Confinement is not as interesting, nor as alive as an office setting. Knowing when you should take a break, or look away from your monitor, can make all the difference in terms of performance and maintaining a positive attitude. A tea break when you feel overwhelmed can give you the time and space needed to renew your motivation and keep you centered.

The remote model is how we can make the best out of a bad situation. It’s also an opportunity for companies and individuals to experience working in a different manner. At JB Hired, our experience with freelancers and remote employees has prepared us for the next few months. This setting, though under dire circumstances, is something we’ve seen candidates experience and still manage to remain effective and motivated. In the midst of a worldwide pandemic, we have the chance and the obligation to adapt.

In case you’re looking for qualified talent to help you on this aspect, get in touch with JB Hired and source the talent your digital transformation needs!